Why do I need a copywriter?

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Good writing is an essential part of content and marketing. The tone of voice sends a powerful message about your whole business. Effective copy can mean the difference between engaging clients and losing custom. So outsourcing this element of your business to a copywriter is well worth the investment.

Still unsure whether to employ a copywriter? Take a look at our 10 reasons to use a copywriter, and see how outsourcing writing can benefit your business.

  1. Finding your ‘voice’

A professional copywriter will combine your business’s unique voice with a style that’s perfectly suited to your target audience. When an expert copywriter writes about your services, it will elevate your content and enhance your brand, providing consistency across all of your marketing.

  1. No more proofreading

When you buy in the services of an expert copywriter, you buy their skills, knowledge and accuracy in grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary. Copywriters have spent years studying the finer points of the English language, with a keen eye for the kind of mistakes that will make a poor impression on your readers.

Those pesky homophones such as too, to and two, or their, there and they’re can be easily overlooked when relying on a spellchecker, as can apostrophes.

A copywriter will give you the peace of mind that these details will not be overlooked, by avoiding amateurish mistakes that let your content down. Grammar is also an important component in SEO, so make sure you are fully optimising your content by hiring a professional.

  1. Free up Time

Employing a freelance copywriter can help you to spend more time on your core business activities, be it meetings, calls, product creation, marketing or finance (or even taking a well-earned break!). A professional copywriter can create engaging content that is tailored to your business, quickly and efficiently.

  1. The Art of Subtle Persuasion

There is a fine line between a sales text that is persuasive, and one that shouts too loud and tries too hard. Finding the right tone that is influential but not off-putting can be challenging. When you write your own content, it can come across as far too sales-like, or perhaps not persuasive enough.

Copywriters are experts in tone and register, they know how to adapt language and find that perfect balance. Hire a writer that will turn readers into customers and your business will reap the benefits.

  1. Appeal to your Target Audience

Crafting a message that will appeal to your target market takes skill and precision. It can be tricky to reach your audience with content that resonates, and it is easy to miss the mark. A professional copywriter will develop a writing style to directly appeal to your readers and complement your branding. They will find just the right choice of language, tone and register that works for you.

  1. Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees!

You might think that being a knowledgeable expert in your industry is helpful when it comes to creating copy, but this can sometimes be a hindrance. For example, jargon and terminology that is customary within your industry, may not translate easily to customers. A copywriter can turn technical details into easy-to-understand content without ‘dumbing down’ your message.

When hiring a copywriter, you hire someone who can explain your message clearly, conveying your expertise without alienating your reader.

It is also difficult to be objective about your own business. A copywriter has the benefit of perspective; they can take a step back on your behalf.  An external point of view can draw out your business’s unique strengths and qualities.

  1. Make Reading a Pleasure

Corporate text can often be dull, dry and uninspiring to read. A professional copywriter can provide you with fluent, engaging writing that turns a potentially boring topic into something that is a pleasure to read.

By creating compelling copy that uses a range of devices for maximum engagement, a copywriter can make any subject sound exciting.

All businesses have exciting aspects to them, whether it’s the product, the process or even the people that work within it. A copywriter can provide an outsider’s perspective on your business and draw out its most appealing aspects for your content. Passion is infectious, and conveying the passion that drives your business will provide a powerful punch, no matter what the industry.

  1. Consistency and Volume

In today’s social-media hungry world, you not only require regular uploads of original content, but also a website that is regularly refreshed and updated. A volume of output is now required that can seem to eat up the time you need to spend on other parts of your business. Output which needs to be engaging, in a unified style.

As we all know, it can be a full time job just to maintain your website and social media, let alone constantly generate pages of new content! Allow a copywriter to take the pressure off by outsourcing. This will pay dividends by reaching your audience like never before whilst boosting your search engine rankings.

  1. Fluency

When writing your own content, do you often find it feels ‘clunky’ but aren’t sure why? This is where a professional writer comes into their own. The ‘mechanics’ of a professionally crafted piece of text will usually go unnoticed. Just as with a deliciously cooked dish – when the end product is perfect no-one notices the individual ingredients, they simply appreciate the flavour as a whole.

A sign of good writing is when you don’t notice the words, sentence construction or use of punctuation. It has an ease of reading that will allow the message to come across loud and clear.

If you are unsure how to vary your sentences, create concise yet compelling phrases, or simply how to cut the waffle, it's worth getting a copywriter to do the hard work for you.

  1. Leave it to the Wordsmiths

Expert craftspeople are worth their weight in gold. As with a blacksmith or glass blower, a copywriter is master of their craft and will have the ability to create impact with their unique content.

Handing your copy requirements to a professional is just the same as asking a designer to create a logo and branding. The language is every bit as important to your brand as the visuals.

Words create an impression – what kind of message are you trying to send?

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